Organising a Club Event

Occasionally we like to give out some guidelines on how to organise an event for the Club and the start of a new year is probably as good a time as any.

So here goes…


Plan ahead - the deadline for entering events in the following month is usually around the middle of the current month and is highlighted as the Newsletter Deadline in the bulletin. Late entries can sometimes be accepted by e-mail to the Newsletter Editor but usually no later than the Friday after the deadline date (an extra two days). Otherwise please add to the diary on Club Night or Contact the Events Co-ordinator.

Think of something you like doing and would like to share with other people. It helps to write down the wording as it will appear in the bulletin. This should include the date, time, venue incl Post Code and cost together with Contact Name, phone number - and email address if appropriate, plus any other information you think will be helpful such as your mobile or an attending member's contact name\mobile no. for the actual day.

A booking deadline is necessary if you need to be sure of final numbers in advance, e.g. for booking tickets. In the unlikely event of there being no takers, you are justified in cancelling the event if you have had no bookings by that date.

Once you have all the information to hand (please remember to include Post Code and a mobile tel no which can be used on the day), Enter the event into the club calendar or telephone the Events Co-ordinator with the details or come to any Club Night and write the entry yourself in the Club Diary.

Events that miss the absolute bulletin deadline can be emailed to the Webmaster for the web site and the Bulletin Editor for the calendar, however do try to avoid this situation wherever possible by always planning ahead.

Then generally "sell" your event to other members and encourage and cajole them into attending it!


Walks leaders are reminded that they should carry with them one of the club's two first aid kits and pass this on to the leader of the next walk where possible. Contact: Sylvia on (tel no withheld) if you have difficulty locating the kit.

Please note - if you wish to have your bulletin sent by e-mail in addition to being posted please send and e-mail request to the Events co-ordinator


Your committee is here to help you! If you have any queries or issues relating to IVC that you wish to raise, please get in touch with any committee member.

Local Website:

for emails related to website issues, contact the Webmaster

Photos can be sent via Gail's email address.

National Website:

So those are the basics of organising a club event. Now you can start to plan your event and help to make the Club a successful one. Remember that all events are put on by the members for the members.


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