What does IVC stand for?

IVC stands for Inter Varsity Club, this name has remained unchanged since 1946.

How many members do you have?

Halifax & Huddersfield is constantly growing. For current membership numbers please see our Introduction. There are approximately 4000 IVC members nationally, with each IVC club welcoming visitors from other clubs in the Association.

Do you have links to any other organisations?

No, IVC is independent of other organisations. Our constitution is specifically non-political and non-religious (although that doesn't mean people can't discuss politics or religion at our meetings if they want to!). We do sometimes raise funds for charity, but we are not linked to any particular charity.

Do you have age limits?

Halifax and Huddersfield IVC does not have an age limit. However, at present our membership tends to attract over 50's.

Do you do introductions?

No, we are not a singles club or dating agency. We are a mixture of unmarried, married and divorced men and women, with or without children. Naturally, some people do pair off, but most people join to gain new friends of both sexes.

Do I have to be a graduate to join?

Originally, IVC was set up for graduates. However, these days we attract people from various walks of life, and what matters is that you share some of our common interests, whether sporting, cultural or social.

Would I have to help organise anything?

The success of IVC depends on enough people organising activities far enough in advance (2-6 weeks) to advertise them in a monthly newsletter. Unlike some groups, we do not insist our members organising any activities, but hopefully after you have become a member you would want to share your own interests with other people.


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