How to Join Us

Come along to an event, perhaps one of the get-togethers.

Why not come along to meet us at one of our regular events, look for get-togethers on the events list or calendar on this site.

Let us know before hand and we will arrange a free Newsletter with our events and arrange for the host to personally greet you..

Most people prefer to come to at least one meeting before paying anything.


Introductory membership lasts for 3 months and is free. Currently our full membership is £7 per year or part thereof; our year starts in October. Our memebrship includes an email copy of our monthly newsletter.

You can get information on how to join in one of the following ways:

E MAIL: or or Tel: Joan Parkinson on 01422 374540

You can use the form in the Contact Section to email us and we will email you a free copy of our latest monthly 'Newsletter'


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