Association of IVCs


The AIVC website ( lists all the Clubs within AIVC and will provide details of major events organised by clubs. Means of contacting each club by website, email or telephone are also given.

A member of any club within AIVC should be able to join most activities of any other club subject to suitable notice being given.

Numerous events take place each week among the 40 or so IVC Clubs around the country. A detailed listing of inter-club events can be accessed from this website.

However most clubs' lists will be "private" so that it would be necessary to phone a club contact number to obtain further information.

National IVC Website/Inter-Club Events

Some members will have already seen the new aIVC website (  The website now has a professional look about it and moving around the various sections - Resources, IVC Clubs database, Inter-Club events, etc - is straightforward. Anyone who is interested and has not yet seen the new website might wish to have a look at it, especially as aIVC will be re-assessing it before the end of the year and will no doubt welcome any constructive comments in the meantime.

There is another good reason for members to use the national website: there is a wealth of information about other Clubs' events/activities, many of which are open to members of clubs affiliated to aIVC - such as ours. 

 - At least go and have a look !


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